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Dec 26, 2012 7:00am PST
commission followed a dispute over mobile technology patents that erickson bought before a u.s. district court after the two sides failed to agree on licensing terms. in november, erickson said the samsung is seeking to drastically reduce the fee it pays to license patents. >> facebook has poked its way into ranks of mobile apps yet again. the social media company put smaller developers on notice last week with a lot of this new poke app for iphone. the app mimics snaped chance, a popular ab with teens that allow users to send images that self destruct moments after the recipient use it. poke immediately rose to #one on the iphone. thanks to the aggressive mobil development and cutthroats competitiveness, facebook owned three of the top-10 iphone apps of 2012. the other two are the flagship facebook ab and instagram, which facebook acquired for $1 billion. >> we will be right back. >> the white christmas many in indiana got to enjoy it will likely last way beyond the holiday. this was the scene and see more this morning about 55 mi. north of lewisville, ky. you concede that the snow is s
Dec 25, 2012 7:00am PST
. technology to the rescue. there are great new smart phone apps that can (ea those gift cards. like this one named gyft. it's a free app for iphone or android devices. it lets you upload your gift card to your phone, like a digital wallet. it lets you store the gift card on your phone. when you're at the store, pull up the gift card and a upc code that your cashier can scan will be displayed on your screen. you can trade your gift cards, or re-gift gift cards you don't want. this is a quick way to send someone a gift. you enter the information on your gift card and you can send someone the gift card value, like a digital gift card through facebook, e-mail, or text. pretty convenient. >>> families across the u.s. will have to rely on other sources of entertainment after netflix was hit by a christmas eve outage. i thought it was just me. we were streaming and it wasn't just us. it's the company. and they apologized. they tweeted that they were sord they blame amazon's infrastructure which netflix uses. and there's no word on when it's going to be restored. maybe you're at home trying to view
Dec 24, 2012 7:00am PST
a private line. technology has involved and so has the way that kids keep tabs on santa. >> now there is a santa app for your phone. you can kick up on twitter as well. they have been tracking santa since 2004 but the two entities when separate ways. norad teamed up with someone different. gould go santa tracker has been tracking santa. santa has been making phone calls to good girls and boys. kids of all ages can watch santa hop from continent to continent. if you're all doing shopping you can still follow him. >> in the bay area sports news. the 49ers fresh off a monster game against the patriots last week ran a three headed monster in seattle last night. rookie quarterback russell wilson threw for touchdowns, running back marchand lynch scored twice, and seattle's defense kept calling the cabinet and freight corp. from getting anything done. wilson's touchdown is put him one shy of pavement is a rookie record of 26. calcite lynch added 111 yds rushing and a 24 yd touchdown run on seattle's opening drive that set the tone. cabinet and the 49ers struggle with the defendant nois
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am PST
a year off right headed to las vegas for 2013 to give you a preview of what is next and technology. that will do it for 2012, see you in 2013. >> a quick break as the actually know we will give you are weather forecast we have lots of sunshine out there but it is cold. we have reports of black eyeice >> it is a cold start to the holidays, we have 30's out there. snow and concord 34 out the door and san jose. we are seen as sunshine as we head into the afternoon highs. all of the light blue on the screen indicates temperatures climbing into the 50s. it looks like there's a possibility set for some of our upper inland areas to hit the upper 40's. that is a very important time because a lot of you are headed out to celebrate new year's. temperatures would get back down into the '40's. for midnight we are bringing in 2013 and it looks like 400 the heart of the bay and its 30's if you're celebrating inland. a quick look at afternoon highs again expect fifties today with 53 your number in hayward, 52 for richmond, napa and redwood city. heading to tahoe there is currently no chain restri
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4